Trading Resources

Here are some resources to help you get started on trading and learning about cryptocurrencies.

Some major services providing information on exchange rates, market trends, and news updates are:

  • Coinhills is a service that provides exchange rate information for many currencies and cryptocurrencies. Mainly centered on Bitcoin, Coinhills provides information in the form of charts, graphs, and a user-friendly dashboard. It also allows users to customize their preferences regarding information to display. Coinhills is not a trading platform.
  • Cryptonewswire provides latest news and updates on Bitcoin, Altcoin, blockchain, and fintech development.
  • Cryptocoinsnews is another news provider on cryptocurrency markets in addition to some educational content.
  • TradingView  claims to be “The best charts on the web and a community of investors who are passionate about sharing trading ideas.”

Some major trading platforms are:

  • Coinone is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in Korea. It offers real-time exchange rates and offers trading services including margin trading.
  • Korbit is another trading platform based in South Korea, and actually the first one created for the Korean market.  They trade in the major coins (BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP), as well as some of the smaller known cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Zcash.
  • Poloniex is a trading platform that is based in the US and is one of the oldest and leading platforms offering over 100 Altcoins (alternative coins) available for trading. It offers secure trading and a variety of trading information as well. Poloniex also offers a Lending feature which allows individuals to lend cryptocurrencies to each other.

Other Services related to cryptocurrencies/blockchain:

  • TokenMarket is a database of cryptocurrencies both current and upcoming.  It’s a great place when there is an initial coin offering (ICO) that you want to learn more about.

Some additional educational content on trading:

  • Babypips offers a wide range of educational resources including ForEx (foreign exchange) news, trading strategies, market analysis, and more to help beginners with currency trading.

If you have any other resources you would like to recommend, please contact us.

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